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Stl Taco


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May 8, 2018
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2016 Sport DCLB Auto
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Hey guys, long time lurker and finally posting. 2016 Tacoma with 2.5” bilstein 6112 lift, AAL in rear, Pro wheels with KO tires, LED head and fog lights, custom grill, bullet skid plate, clazzio seat covers with heated seats, Custom stereo (mb quart separates and coax, JL 12” sub and 5 channel amp, Remote starter. Might have missed a few things.

If you guys need remote starters I have the best prices on the net for push to start and hkey plug and play. Sold 100s on another site.


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Welcome aboard.
[Late] Welcome to the forum! Truck looks good, love those wheels in that color. And points for longbed.
[Late] Welcome to the forum! Truck looks good, love those wheels in that color. And points for longbed.
Thanks, really dig the long bed.
Welcome! Stl? Where about? I’m in house springs (small town outside of Eureka)