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Bot Chu

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Dec 23, 2018
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Item: 2.5 Coilovers & 2.5 Rear OEM Bolt On Triple Bypass Shocks
Price: $2600 (Shipping @Buyers Expense)
Location: SoCal / Corona-Riverside-Orange County Meet / Pick Up
Contact: PM

Located in Corona, CA. (Products are for a 2005-Current Toyota Tacoma)

@Bot_Chu is selling ADS Front 2.5 Ext Travel Coilovers & 2.5 Rear Triple Bypass OEM bolt on shocks, both are at 7500 miles. Shocks were purchased from Headstrong and not 2nd hand. All shocks are in phenomenal condition in terms of cosmetic and technical. Only minor thing is a cosmetic scratch on the rear piggyback resi of the driver side bypass. Note the rear shocks is designed to be used in conjunction with a leaf pack that exceeds 2” of lift (Dakars or Deavers are perfect fit for example) Can work with a AAL. No rubbing issues with a standard 285/75/16or17 setup. These were ran with 315's and still had clearance in terms of the piggyback. Selling @ $2600 for this setup. Prefer to sell as a whole so that buyers arent incurring higher fees if they were sold separate.

(Contact via messages please. Just leave a comment as "PM" so that i can check the inbox.)

Thanks for viewing
- Chu

Photos below for reference.