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Sold Reno, NV: Power Tank Kit: $400

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I have a Powertank kit for sale. This package retails for over $700.

  • 10# Power Tank
  • Regulator
  • Regulator Guard
  • Coiled Hose
  • Inflator
  • Mounting Bracket
All these components are powertank brand and are super high quality. The inflator gage is fluid filled and super accurate. The nipple clips onto the valve stem. The hose is flexible and high quality. The Regulator is super high quality.

CO2 inflating is really nice over all. It's fast and quiet. Faster than even a dual ARB compressor. I was able to fill my tires about 10 times per tank, so one tank would last me over a year. It's quiet and easily portable and you don't have to run your engine while inflating. I have mounted a compressor in my Tacoma and the convenience of having that tucked away compared to storing the tank has won out. I haven't used this since I cot the compressor.

If you have multiple vehicles and want one air source, this is a great option. If you need to ruin air tools this is a great option as the flow from a full charge of CO2 is enough for that. These are also nice for large volume tires as if is much faster than compressors.

Other items available from Powertank: You can get roll bar mounts that work with the bracket I have. They can also convert the tank for horizontal use. They install an internal hose tube for that. As it is it has to be upright when in use.


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