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reintroduction with new rig

especially if the letters are die cut rather than on clear decal
Blacked out - Chrome - Lifted - Big Tires - Spacers
All that stuff is great if you want it,.... do not buy stuff or do stuff to look like the other guy,... or impress others.

Sometimes being an individual is noticed and appreciated more than you think.
Life is kinda weird that way.

You will be happier with your truck if it is what you want, like and need.............. Especially if something breaks!
Some stuff may look good but does come with Maintenace or longevity sacrifices,.... just the facts of life.

Kinda like getting the trophy girl friend or wife and paying for it forever but never happy in life.
laughing at the last thing you said which is very true

I want the look that I want because I want it

definitely not worried about what others think, but thank you!
my TacoVinyl is shipping today so expecting to further complete the exterior look later this week or this coming weekend

Pro grille and black rear bumper covers are very much looked forward to
Damn! Bumper Covers are $240?
Just primer and spray. Lol.
Maybe find a local shop to paint it flat/matte/satin. They're easy to pop off and you could go a few days without them. I feel like that would be a lot cheaper.

Also keep an eye out for people that swap bumpers. Could pick up bumper caps off that.

Removing decals, definitely don't use glue gone or whatever. Always makes my pain hazy. Friend has to buff it. Just the right amount of heat would make it lift real nice. Should only be residue at the starting point. Just tap the existing decal on it and repeat.

Take note the Predator Tubes are aluminum. Cash out and sell them off if you don't need them to assist getting into the truck.

I want to say this is what I think are the must haves.
  • A/C Condensation Hose and Hose Clamp
  • Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Cap (15620-31060).
  • Sabellco Tailgate Lock. Theft deterrant.
  • License Plate Disable in Reverse PnP Adapter. Kills the horrible glare from the license plate lights on the rearview camera when your lights are on.
  • Center Console and Glove Box organizers.
  • OEM Bed Light (PT857-35200). Cheap functional upgrade.
  • Pop&Lock and KTJO Tailgate Lock. Just go with whichever is cheaper. Simple install. Definitely an easy install. Paying for labor is what makes it expensive. Using the key to lock and unlock it is a hassle.
  • Redline Tuning QuickLift - Convenience.
  • KTJO Grab Handlebar - I use it a lot more than I thought I would.
  • Meso and AJT chrome delete. Just remember you can mix and match if you like the styling of the other.
  • Yellow Lamin-X for the fog lights. Because it's cool.
  • ACDF or Hella Horn. Stock horn is cucked.
  • Oversized Cup Holder - If you take a tumbler places.
TacoVinyl pro grille and TRD badge



steering wheel and glove box blackout too