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Vallejo, CA
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2016 Silver Sky Limited Double Cab, Short Bed Automatic
Wow, I have been reading up on all the stuff going on in NorCal, not much. I hope to change that.

Guy's I like to get a time we can meet-up, possibly on a weekend (morning or afternoon). The reason why I am calling all, is because I need data for a product I am developing. I already have it on my truck, but need your input. This product is for those who commute in the T3G on a daily. Meaning its your work truck and family wagon. Not so much the Off-road guys. (Sorry)

I am near Vallejo, California. Meeting could be anywhere within 30 miles of Vallejo. My ideas, early morning coffee, I will be spotting this for all to drink with me.

I am looking for data. Basically, I will record your thought and also let you take me for a ride in my Taco with the products.

Please help pick a date

Saturday, November 3rd
Sunday, November 4th
Saturday, November 17th
Sunday, November 18th