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SoCal Part Out! Available now - Wheels, suspension, sliders, spacers, tonneau cover, lights


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Hey guys! Unfortunately selling the truck. Life! All of these parts are off the truck and are now for sale. Don't hesitate to reach out.

I can also offer checkout through PayPal so you can use their available PayPal financing options for the expensive stuff.

Located in Inland Empire, CA

Here's a few shots of the truck for reference.


Parts and prices:

Locked Offroad full 2.5" extended travel coilover kit (front and rear, stock replacement) - $2000
  • Great performing kit, comparable to FOX
  • ~5,000 miles
  • 650 lb springs, ride height set for stock weight (~2.25" lift in front)
  • No wait, available now

Accutune Tubular Spherical Front UCA's - $750
- Perfect condition

Accutune N98 (J66 hybrid) leaf pack - $800
  • Bushings still in excellent condition
  • ~2.25" lift on stock weight truck
  • Rides like stock but slightly softer, good for stock weight or +300lb/towing

Accutune U-Bolt flip with Progressive bump Stops - $300
  • Bump stops in perfect condition
  • Height set appropriately for this setup (can be changed, contact accutune)

4 Wheel Parts Heavy Duty Rock Sliders with Kickout - $750
  • Light scratches from bushes, etc
  • Never touched a single rock
  • Excellent condition

(4) BORA 1" Bolt-on Wheel Spacers - $200
- Currently installed on the truck

(4) Spidertraxx 1.25" Bolt-on Wheel Spacers - $200
- Available to ship now!

SOLD Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover - $SOLD
  • Perfect condition, all hardware included and not damaged
  • Bolts straight in, no modification to the truck needed
  • Relocates factory tie-down bars so they can still be used
  • Holds up to 400lbs on top of cover

Diode Dynamics SS3 Fog Lights - $200
  • Direct bolt in
  • 1 repaired bracket
  • Amber, DOT Approved (won't blind everyone on the road, still works amazing offroad)

Cali Raised Hidden Light Bar Brackets with Light Bar - $125
  • Will come with all wiring and necessary hardware
  • High Quality Amazon brand lightbar (Spot focus center lights, spread outer)

(2) Trigger One Bluetooth Relay - $50
  • Directly replaces most light and accessory relays
  • Allows control of accessories via bluetooth on your phone!
  • Removes necessity to run wiring and switches in the cab (clean install)

(4) Classic 1997 spec Rays Power Volk 2pc wheels (16x7, +25 offset) with Yokohama Geolander 255/85r16 tires @ 50% tread (plus one spare unmounted tire, same size) - $2750 OBO
  • Ultra light, similar to modern Rays Volk wheels at 16.5lbs
  • Practically unattainable in this color and condition
  • Fully restored, all new hardware
  • Same as stock wheel offset on 3rd gen, but needs at least 5mm spacer to clear brake calipers
  • If using 5mm spacer, shouldn't rub at all on cab or chassis!
  • Currently setup on truck using 1" spacers as seen in photo


Thanks for looking!
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