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OEM Part # Parking sensor grommet


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Oct 23, 2018
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2019 TRD OR DCLB Auto
Ran out today to the store in the snow and while I was stopped at a stop sign a truck from the local fire department turned down the road I was on and slid into my truck. The damage was limited to the drivers side bumper cap. I found OEM color matched replacement bumper caps but I'm struggling to find the parking sensor ring. Only thing I can find is the whole sensor with prices ranging from under $20 to ~$230. My current sensor still works but it won't stay in the hole because the ring snapped.Does anyone have the part number for the replacement ring.

And I know someone is going to say it, no I won't be getting a new rear bumper.


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Good idea is keep an eye out for the guys that swapped to armour and gave up their sensors. I'd try Facebook Tacoma groups. Just blind message them.
Another idea is to find replacement 89341-0R060. Find an Alibaba one or something and see if you can remove the plastic collar to fit onto the factory one. Changing the sensor itself might require recalibration.

Will the Fire Department do anything for you?
Last idea, tape it down from the outside. Use some silicone on the inside around to just hold it in place. Not permament. Might be good enough to keep you satisified. Maybe even put a ziptie around it. Then mold around it.
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