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OEM roof rack


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Jan 15, 2020
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Anyone have the OEM roof rack on a 2020? I have read that it won’t quite fit due to the shark fin.
EDIT: just saw that they fixed the roof rack issues for trucks built after Feb 17, 2020. Doesn't seem to be a solution for trucks built before then.
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did you ever find a work around for a oem roof rack or did you go aftermarket?
I have one on my 2017 and it fits fine. Not sure if that's helpful.
Where did you guys get your oem roof rack? Option from the factory? Bought from the dealer? Or an aftermarket vendor? I’ve been very interested in one.
My OEM rack was ordered with the truck. So I guess that's factory option?

I love the look and that they are foldaway...that said. I might have been better off going with something more robust. I'm always pushing the weight limit.
2019 DCLB TRD....Factory install Roof rack...with aftermarket ski rack and wind defector...
With or without wind defector...NOISY!!!
Stock OME roof rack....NOISY!!!
Toyota...? Bad design...when not in use ? ...quiet

should have come with EAR PLUGS! If using OME Roof racks