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New truck


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Aug 21, 2018
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Everett WA
2018 TRD OR DCSB Auto
Just got a new 2018 Tacoma Trd off road this past week. I’m loving it so far. Not looking to do any major mods just yet since I’m a noob to the off roading scene and I need to pay it off first. Immediate plan is to get a diamondback bed cover and put some racks on that and then put a tent on top.


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Welcome aboard. Smart to not hurry until you know how you are going to use your new toy. I have the Diamondback cover and love it.
Welcome and nice truck! Just out of curiosity, why the switch from the OEM tonneau to an aftermarket one?
I like the look better and I’m going to put a rooftop tent on it so I’d like it to be durable. The one on there doesn’t seem sturdy enough.
Sup, Welcome to Tacoma 3G
Just got my 2018 Taco, TRD Off-road! Now whenever I see a hill I say to myself, I can take that!
Welcome aboard,have fun with the hills.