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New to the tacoma world..


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Sep 29, 2018
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Howdy folks,

Just sold my 7th jeep jk and purchased a new 18’ trd offroad taco. Love the truck yet,will not be leaving it alone.. My previous rig was a 15’jku rubicon on 37s. I wheeled her often. Just wanted a change of pace..something new..probably a more overland style build. The rock crawling direction was fun. Yet, it seemed I broke something every trip.


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Welcome aboard.
You had 7 different JKs? I knew they had problems but damn, that's a lot haha

Also, "Tacoma World" is a dirty phrase around these parts :ROFLMAO:

Just busting your nuts... Welcome, and post pics of your new Taco! There's plenty of overland-style builds here to draw inspiration from.
Welcome to T3G dude! The JK looks badass, I have a soft spot for those cause I have one too. And don’t worry, you’ll break shit with the Tacoma too.