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My 18 Cavalry Blue Trd Pro named Babe.The.Blue.Ox


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Jun 7, 2018
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Had a 17 Cement Trd Pro, but that was totaled within 6 months after getting it by and idiot with no insurance who ran through a red light going 60. I replaced it with an 18 Cavalry Blue Pro. The build will probably never end...

Mod List-

Husky All Weather Mats
Bed Mat
Relentless Fabrication bed rail mounts with quickfists holding shovel and axe
Matt Gecko bed rail led lights
LT265/75/16 Falken Wildpeak a/t3w
Demello Rock Crusher Sliders
KB Voodoo Bed Rack w/ Tonneau Cover Brackets
Truxedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover
Tepui Kukenam RTT
4 Gal Rotopax
At The Helm bed stiffeners

On the way-
Pelfreybilt mid skid


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Welcome to T3G @babe.the.blue.ox! Sorry to hear about your cement, now that you have experienced both colors, do you have a preference between Cement and Cavalry Blue?

Cement looks great, but too many vehicles out there have that type of color now. It kind of ruins it for me.

The 19s will probably have Cavalry Blue as a standard option, but I can only cross my fingers they don't.
Welcome to T3G! Sucks that happened to you at 6 months. The same thing happened to me at 6 months, but it was "only" $15k in damage, so they repaired it. Now I live knowing my brand new truck is not so brand new.

What are your plans for this one?
how do you like the rack and not being able to get to the rack mount for your shovel
It's actually pretty easy to get to the shovel/axe. Plus they are hidden under the tonneau cover so I don't worry about them being stolen.

You can access through the tailgate or even roll up the tonneau.
i have the factory with the hilift mounts and it would be impossible to get the back one with out crawling in

Shit is so clean brother, love the Calvary, if I had known 3 months after getting my 17’ cement pro that color would be everywhere I would have gone a different route. Love what your doing with your build. Can’t wait to see more!
Here is my current setup. Going to see how much I camp this summer and possibly order a GoFast Camper. I keep going back and forth if I actually "need" one or not.

No one needs it, but DO IT. I love my setup but I'm currently wrestling with the idea that I need a GFC setup. Haha. If I hadn't already sunk the money I have into what I have, I'd be seriously weighing my options, and a GFC setup would be top of the list.
Glad you were able to walk away from that accident. Sucks that you had to go through that but you've been blessed with another day and now have another solid set up. Truck is looking sweet man!
I've had the GFC (Go Fast Camper) for about 2 months now. Two things that stand out and really like.
  1. The doubling of covered cargo space. This doesn't mean double weight, but double volume for sure. I can now do short trips with 4 people
  2. Setting up the tent is easy on level ground. Literally 30 seconds.
Two things that I'll have to get used to
  1. Closing the tent. When the tent closes, the tent material is rather thick and heavy so it fills in the space between roof and sleeping platform tight. This will take practice. I take out one of the panels to give it more space.
  2. The locks. While they do the job, locking and locking with the key takes quite a bit of precision to get the key in