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Mr. Taco the Taco


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Hey guys! I figured I would share my build and further build.
I have a,
2017 Toyota Tacoma blazing blue Pearl TRD Off-Road 6 speed manual transmission with premium technology package.
I bought the truck when I was in sales at a Toyota dealership, got my name on the truck before it was even built.

Here’s what’s done so far,

- Trd pro grille
- Trd pro headlights
- Trd pro hood
- Custom vinyl wrap
- Morimoto xd headlights
- Trd pro taillights
- 5% tint in the rear 15% in the front
- Tinted fog lights
- Tacoma bed inserts

- Trd pro shifter
- Kicker rs comp 12" subwoofers
- Led kick panel lighting
- Carbon fiber wrap

- King 2.5 race series extended travel coilovers with resi
- King 2.5 race series smooth bodies with resi
- Sway bar delete
- Total choas control arms with hiem joints
- Kartek limit straps
- Custom rear shock towers to fit up to 14" shocks in the rear
- Custom leaf packs
- 315/75r16 wildpeak
- 16x9” rims with a -0 offset (some les shwab brand I forgot, was my only option)
- Cab mount cut - reinforced with 3/16 steel
- Reinforced frame with 1/4 steel

- rock lights
- Led license plate lights

Pretty basic so far, however, it is appealing on and off road. I’m slowly working up to the way I want it.

Near future additions,

- Cut the rear frame off and build a custom triangular 4 link with a fab shop locally
- Some King coilovers and triple bypass - 2 per corner in the rear
- maybe a supercharger

Here’s when I first bought the truck compared to now. I hope to have king longtravel by the end of this year but we will see...

To now..


Check out my Instagram page and give it a follow to tag along with me on my adventures and builds!
Not really into the whole Instagram thing for trucks anymore - there's some stuff of there but I don't keep up on it.

Login • Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/nv_blazin_trd/?hl=en)
nv_blazin_trd nv_blazin_trd

Thanks for checking it out!


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