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Moving from T4R to Tacoma!! Excited!


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Oct 5, 2018
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Hello All,

New member here to the Tacoma forum but not to Toyota at all! Me and my wife have 4runners, i have a 3rd gen and she has a 4th gen. With a family 5th gen haha.

Due to recent job changes i am going to need a truck, which excites me a ton cause i love the 3rd gen tacoma look! Found some new 2018s and 2019s but not real sure of the differences. I’m ok with an SR or SR5 honestly I’m simple. Going to add a little 2” lift or so to prevent as much vibration and stress on parts as possible. Also landscaping I don’t want anything to high.

No need for paying for the TRD when I’m going to replace the suspension. I dont care about leather and lockers, I have a family with 2 boys and we play outside a lot. We love to play in the mud but nothing requiring lockers and such, I also plan to just move my 265/70/16 Wildpeaks (love these tires as they are on all our rigs) wheels from my 3rd gen straight to this one.

Anyone had any luck with this type of lift?


love the 5100s and have them on all our T4R. But not sure if there is a set up with 5100s that I came complete?

Thanks all for the help!
Welcome aboard.