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Lone Peak Overland Camper


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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share some info about the Lone Peak Overland wedge-style camper that is gearing up for production starting in spring 2023. I have been following Lone Peak for a few months and recently had the opportunity to meet up with Kyle, the founder of the brand, while he was in Denver testing out their camper prototype. I have to say, I am so excited for this product to hit the market. I have been making my way through a variety of overlanding options over the past few years - from ground tents to roof-top tents, and then most recently another truck bed camper brand. Through this experience I have dialed into what works best for our needs, including off-roading capabilities and camping at altitude, and I hope some of this feedback will help others skip some of the painful lessons we have learned along the way!

I want to start by giving my impressions of the prototype and why I like this model over the others on the market today. I crawled around in this camper, opened and closed every door/window, pulled on the tent material, and grabbed each corner and gave it a good shake down. I think Kyle's prototype is very well-built, rigid, and functional, especially for how lightweight it is! I have seen other builds like this that were nowhere close to the quality of this camper. I also really appreciate that Kyle doesn't BS you when you ask him questions and he will be the first to say if something on his prototype isn't working as intended or could use an upgrade. He is also willing to openly talk about how he plans to address it in the final production model. Kyle has some great videos on his website with all the details - that's definitely a great place to gather more specifics if you are interested.

What I like the most over other wedge campers on the market:

  • The long bed platform with an extra wide passthrough space from the truck bed to the sleeping platform - The bed platform is on hydraulic lifts to allow for a fully open truck bed to use for cooking or as a hangout area in the rain/cold, but you are not reliant on movable panels to get into the bed which can disturb your partner in the morning and makes bedding options difficult.
  • The bed platform is adjustable - moving the bed forward or backwards even a few inches can create significantly more foot room for taller individuals.
  • The Mattress is super comfortable (similar to the Hest Dually, but without the seam down the middle) and you do have the option to store sheets and bedding in place when you close the tent - just no pillows.
  • The accessory options are very well thought out and clearly developed by someone who is aware of what this community needs/wants - LED lighting, Gear Vault Storage, a Cab Pass Through Window, Grab Handles, Laser Light Bars, Roof Fans, and so much more.
  • The single-hand door latches are way more convenient than the little push to release latches.
  • Design elements have been vetted by Kyle at length to make sure the camper design will stand up to the vigorous trips a lot of us will be taking with it - this includes interior mounted gas struts which will make the production model more durable and keep space open for awning mounts.
More than anything, the quality is spot on at a price point that is much more approachable than some well-known competitors. The specific laundry list of negatives that we've gone through over the years with other campers will be a good topic for another day - but for now, I want to keep the focus on this exciting new product. There are going to be so many other great options coming out for this camper in future models, but solely based on what I've seen so far this camper checks all the blocks for my overlanding/off-roading adventures.

Check out Lone Peak Overland's story: Lone Peak Story

Follow me on Instagram for more content on Lone Peak: (BudLoomis) https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGx...12889878011_258608499&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Pre-orders start tomorrow, November 22, 2022, at 8am PCT
Base price is $5,995
If you want to save an extra $250 on some awesome upgrades, use my link: Code: BUDLOOMIS at checkout.

Camper in Alabama Hills 1.jpeg

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Updated #LonePeakOverland Camper on my DCSB Tacoma 10-20-2023
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No worries. This is being adjusted in the production model. The back window will be a little smaller and the pitch will be more downward to prevent water from pooling.
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Open for pre-order, save $1,000 this week only, before prices go up.
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Day one of pre-orders went really well. If you are interested and looking to get one by July 2023, make sure to order soon.
Price goes up tomorrow. Save some money and put your order in today.
Sale price ends at midnight tonight. Today is the last day to get to get in at $4,995. You can also save $250 off of any add-ons with code budloomis at checkout. Lone Peak Overland
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Saw his videos on YouTube. They look pretty nice and well refined. Lots of options.

I agree, Kyle and his team have developed a great camper! Kyle also does a great job answering questions and posting videos with detailed explanations about current and upcoming products.
Who's buying a LP Camper and what accessories did you pick?
I picked:
The gear vault and fold down table
Lighting and electrical
Grab Handles
Tall edition (to fit over my roof rack)
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If anyone is coming to the Overland Expo Mountain West this year, come check out the Lone Peak camper. I am planning on camping on site with Kyle from Lone Peak Overland.
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More updates from LP, the shop is coming together!

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Lone Peak Overland is coming into Denver on Monday, April 24th and we will be having a meetup for anyone interested in seeing the camper and meeting Kyle. I will update everyone when we have a time and location setup.
It was great hanging out with Kyle again in Denver. Next time we meet up, we'll have our own Lone Peak Overland Camper on the Tacoma!
Production frames getting a final fit test before the rest of the materials arrive! These frames look so good! 🔥 Use code "budloomis" to save $250.