NORTHEAST Lease Takeover / Purchase - 2019 DCSB Limited Cement

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Decided that I would like to try to get out of my lease early for no other reason then I found another truck (older, not a at a dealership) that I am interested in. This truck is a 2019 Double Cab Short Bed Limited in Cement w/ black leather interior with 23xxx. The truck has all your standard Limited features including sunroof, rear sliding window and heated front seats. Due to it being a lease, the only things done have been listed below.

- TRD Pro Grille (ebay)*
- Remote Start (with Cellular Link)
- MESO Keyfob
- 5% Tinted Windows

*The TRD Grille was purchased via eBay however, the Toyota Safety Sense piece was purchased and installed by the local Toyota dealership and a re-calibration was done by them. The Stock grill is available.

At this time, I am unsure what the buy out price is - I will be calling tomorrow, however I am currently paying $400 a month for my payments. I also will work on pictures but it's pretty straight forward.
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