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West King 2.5’s, Billie Bars, skids.

Prices dropped on a lot of it.

Wheels, leaf pack and tent will be local pickup only. Everything else can ship on buyers dime.
$1900 for the Kings as a set. $2300 if you want to pick them up with the RXT pack.

Going to drop the RTT down to $1100 /$1500 if you want to pick the Billie Bars up with it.

I also have a new, black factory rack/crossbars for a 5th gen 4r. $200
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How much did you pay for them? Icon has the rxt pack for 330$. Weren’t they like 800$ before?
Prices dropped on the tent, Billie bars and skid plates. Whoever buys the Kings or RTT/ Billie Bars combo, I’ll through in a gear hammock for the cab.
Do you have pics of bars and tent? I’m interested and in Fresno.
Do you have pics of bars and tent? I’m interested and in Fresno.
Added some pictures of the bars and brackets. I have the hardware and an extra tool for the security bolts to go with it.

I’m slammed with work and school so it will be a couple days to bring out the tent. It’s the olive three person and has been only used a few times. It has some cosmetic damage on the cover and I think only a buckle is missing on the rain fly.