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Archived June 2020 Rig of the Month: And the winner is... @DAKOTABURKHOLDER!

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Apr 12, 2018
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In our first tournament style RotM, @dakotaburkholder took the win in the finalist thread!


I believe this photo has been submitted to the last few contests, and I'm not surprised it finally won. The mud combined with the speed makes for a sweet photo. This was our first time using the tiered voting system, and as a result, this photo came out on top in the finalist thread despite not being in first in the initial thread. Please let me know what you thought of this system in our feedback forum.

@dakotaburkholder, enjoy your @ARCHIVE upgrades, T3G patch, and T3G sticker! Your photo will also be in the sidebar of the forum homepage until it is replaced by next month's winner, and you're going to get some special username flare. Lastly, I will feature your truck on the T3G Instagram today.

As for everyone else, this contest will be occurring every month and as long as you haven't won within the last 6 months, you're free to enter each month! The next one will be open for submissions on July 10.
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