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Hello from San Diego!


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Jul 8, 2018
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Maple Valley Wa
2016 TRD OR DCSB Auto
Hows it going everybody. I just wanted to post a few pics of my truck and say whats up. I am out of San Diego and have a 2016 TRD Offroad. Here is a quick list of parts i am running.

ADS coilovers with compression adjusters
Icon UCA's
Total Caos spindle gussets
ADS tripple bypass rear shocks
Deaver U402 expo leaf springs
TRD beadlocks with 285/75/16 KO2's
BAMF bed rack
Tepui Kukenam ruggedized RTT
Prinsu Cabrac
Just installed a CBI High clearance rear bumper with swing out, and my front bumper should be hear in a week or two.

Im sure I have forgotten some things. I will get a build tread going soon. Look forward to meeting some of you socal guys and gals!

DSC_0172 (Done).jpg.jpeg
DSC_0139 (Done).jpg.jpeg
Nice functional build. Well done.

Where in SD are you? I'm in Coronado.