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Hello from Colorado


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Jan 2, 2019
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I'm Bill, live near Colorado Springs. I Traded my 04 Ram 2500 CTD for my 16 Sport a couple years ago. Fuel and maint costs were the big factors for the trade in. Since then I've been pretty happy with my little truck. I do a lot of fly fishing and have had a few adventures to places I've never been before. I don't really do much off roading, at least not any technical trails. My truck is pretty stock, have added an oem roof rack, Weather Tech floor liners, Matt Gecko bed lights, and K&N intake. As of last week I won a $2500 lift sweepstakes from extremeterrain.com, so now I'm looking at the Teraflex 2" Falcon Sport lift. I like the look of the raised trucks with a slightly wider wheel stance, but since I don't do anything hard core, I can't justify the cost for what it would get used for. I think this may be a good alternative.
Anyway, good to read through all your posts and see your awesome trucks, I really enjoy it. Hope to meet a few of you and look forward to posting!
Welcome, congrats on the win! I always wondered if those were legit lol. Post pics of your truck so we can all see
Welcome aboard.
Welcome and congrats on winning the $2,500 - I would love to win that so I could also grab myself some suspension goodies! Look forward to some pictures.
Thanks for the welcome.
I got some parts in, but it'll probably be a couple weeks before I get a chance to put anything on the truck. Still have some $$ to drop, but undecided on what to get. We'll see...


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Congrats on the win. That's a fantastic way to upgrade the truck, for FREE!! :D

And Colorado Springs is an awesome area. I'm envious of the country surrounding you. Let's see some pics of that truck pre-suspension lift!!