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Has anyone messed around with the Carista app?


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Sep 16, 2018
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I'm looking at what it can do. I like the idea of disabling the panic button and all sorts of warning dinging. Increasing the number of flashes for the auto blinker seems like something I'd want to do as well. $10 for a week (I really hate software as a service schemes) wouldn't be so bad if I had all my friends come over to use it. I'd be interested in the opinions of someone who has messed around with it though.
I've heard really good things about it. It used to be a one time fee and I probably should have bought it then because I agree with you that the software subscription system these days is ridiculous.

I use OBDfusion for my on board monitoring. Works pretty solid actually. I have not found a way to change specific things like the door chime (had my dealer do it) but I can monitor pretty much everything and check/clear codes. All in I've spent about $45. I think that's reasonable for what it accomplishes.
Hmmm. I've been using Torque Pro for years and it's feeling a bit dated. OBDfusion seems like a much more modern interface. I might try that. I will still need to rent Carista for awhile though to turn off the dinging though :)
I purchased it for one time use to do all those things you mentioned. Didn't really mess around with it beyond that.