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Northeast FS 3rd Gen QuikFix and ALL fairlead Front License Plate Brackets $23-$33


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Sep 30, 2018
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These are the improved version 2 of my QuikFix full size direct replacement front plate bracket. New, improved, stronger, thicker, more precisely machined and fully polished. This replaces the black plastic oem bracket that does damage your painted front bumper. The oem actually digs in and cuts grooves in the painted plastic bumper cover (see picture). Damaged mine after less than 2 years of use. Flexible mounting heights. These are proven car wash safe and offer full perimeter protection of your license plate. They also can be used with your favorite plate frame. They mount using the same holes that mount the factory bracket. Made of strong grade 6061 aluminum, assembled by tongue and groove fitting, with stainless screws, and fully assembled. Fully hidden behind the license plate. This is a limited run of this new version. Price is $34 shipped with stainless mounting hardware, rubber isolators, instructions and free shipping (EBAY PRICE $37.50). Please pm for info.
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I have started making license plate brackets again. No drilling and no grille removal required if replacing an oem plastic bracket. Made specifically for the 3G Tacoma. Replaces the dealer installed plastic bracket that, over time, will damage the paint on your painted bumper cover. There are 2 styles. Both are direct replacement. Both have rubber isolators to keep the bracket from contacting the bumper. Both can be mounted to a varying height and both ship free with stainless hardware. Made of grade 6061 aluminum, machined and hand polished. Both are completely hidden behind the license plate. The small $23 bracket holds the plate by 2 screws at the top or bottom of the plate depending on mounting preference (also fits 2G Tacoma). This one is not auto carwash safe. The larger $33 bracket, assembled by tongue and groove fitting and assembled with stainless crews, is carwash safe. It uses all 4 plate mounting screws. It will accomodate your favorite license plate frame. It has 3 total height mounting options. Here are the newest pics.
HAWAII dude  bracket.jpg
adj v2.jpg
tf assy.jpg
I verified today the the bracket made for the SSO bumper does fit all standard fairlead openings with a 10 inch bolt pattern