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First time Taco owner NO REGRETS - Kermit's Taco

The Kermit Taco

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Aug 13, 2018
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Hello all,

First time Tacoma owner and wondering why I didn't own one before. Bought her June 2nd and the Mod bug immediately hit me. Tints, Tyger bed cover, removed front lip, 2.5 inch Pro Comp Lift Kit, Fuel D575 18in rims, Nitto Ridge Grapler 275/70/18. NO REGRETS. Next Mod's will be TRD Pro Grille, Raptor Lights, LED Bar, Anzousa Plank Style Projector Headlights and Black Nerf Steps. Then as I always say, THAT'S IT. Some mandatory pictures! See ya'll around, hoping to learn a thing or 9000 from you guys.


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Welcome aboard.
Nice looking truck. I don’t think I could do black again, but it does look good on yours.