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Just bought 19 Limited feeling I should have bought 84 mo x 100000mi warranty it was offered to me at $3000 and I got them to $2200 which they will honor up to 60 days from purchase. I know everyone has different opinions these warranties, but what I am interested is what price you guys yours from Toyota dealer. Called two independent companies and it was higher. Any comments as to price.
$2,200 is actually on the high side for what many have paid. I've seen it as low as $1,000 but that was only once. Multiple times I've seen people claim to have gotten it for around $1,400. This is all for the 8 year/125k plans. Just read about a guy getting it for $1,405 from a dealer in Michigan.
Thanks for your comments I am going tomorrow to close the deal do you have anything specific I can use anecdotal stories won't help me close - thanks so much for your help

Rick from Seattle
Tough to find anything online that isn't anecdotal. Hahaha

I've just got what I've read elsewhere online. I'll try and dig it up for ya. ?
peace of mind. however as you travel down the rabbit hole of mods, be prepared to lose some of that warranty coverage.