West drizzoh's 3g parts for sale thread

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Hey everyone, I have a couple of parts up for grabs and instead of opening multiple threads I figured I'd just combine it all into one. This will periodically update as I have new items available.

All prices are CONUS shipped (unless otherwise stated) and I only accept Paypal. Thanks for looking!

Items currently available for shipping:

Crown Performance 22" Rear SS Brake Lines (+2 over stock) - Less than 5k miles - only replaced because I needed longer ones after installing the Hammer Hangers - $60 shipped


OEM 2021 Left Switch Panel - $30 shipped


OEM Shackles (used ~4k miles) - $50 shipped


BNIB Deaver U402 U-Bolts (Nonflip - fits taller leaf packs like RXT, J66, U402, etc) - $50 shipped


Local (AZ) pickup-only items:

OEM 2021 Leaf Packs (removed w/ 800 miles on truck - $100 local pickup) (will fit second gens)


OEM 2021 Fog lights w/ Brackets & Bulbs (new take-off's) - SOLD
OEM 2021 Autodimming Rear View Mirror w/ Compass - SOLD
BNIB Icon 52050 8.00" Black U-Bolts w/ Hardware - SOLD
OEM 2021 UCA's w/ shims - SOLD
New Third Gen 'TRD' Headlight Side Marker Black Out Vinyl - SOLD
OEM 2021 Rear Brackets and all 4 Bump Stops - SOLD
MESO CP6.1 Left Switch Panel - SOLD
MESO MGM Vent Rings - SOLD
BNIB SDT Lean Spacer - SOLD
GTR Lighting 7443 2.0 LED Turn Signal Bulbs - SOLD
Morimoto XB Fog lights w/ Brackets - SOLD
Icon RXT Leaf Packs - SOLD
BAMF HD Greaseable Shackles (used ~1k miles) - SOLD
OEM 2021 Headunit - SOLD
TacoGarage Sequential Side Mirror LED Turn Signals - SOLD
Subaru Kicker PNP Tweeters - SOLD
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