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Dash Cams


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May 1, 2018
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I "need" a dash cam. I don't need a $500 set up, but I need something that is reliable, has battery power, can be hardwired easily. And bonus points if I can utilize the GoPro mount on the windshield.

Who has what, and how did you wire it?
I recently purchased a Yi Lite based off a recommendation from a friend:
And then got this to mount to the windshield:

I am still looking into running a hard wire to it, I forget who, but someone on here had a write up or was about to do a write up on dropping the headliner for this.

I have only tested it a couple of times, but so far I am liking it.

I actually have a GoPro knock off just like that, but I'm looking for a dedicated camera with all the parking motion crap and auto saving inpact shock shit lol.
You don't need to drop the headliner as far as I know. The roof console is very easy to pop out and very forgiving when it comes to putting it back in. You can remove the passenger / driver front beam cover and run a fish tape or just a stiff wire from center roof console over to easily snake wires in the headliner.

I hard wired a 12v line all the way from the engine bay up into the passenger kick panel which I then split to run up to the center roof console and also the driver side arm rest. I used the following USB power connector foam taped to the roof:

I have it coming out like this:

I use a mobius action camera with a custom 3d printed adapter for a gopro clip. The ones I have aren't as solid as I like to I just bought one off shapeways to try.

You can't say reliable and battery in the same sentence for dash cams. Batteries will go bad within a year due to the amount of heat they're exposed to.

If you want reliable, my go to brand has always been StreetGuardian. I've had experience with Garmin, Lukas, BlackVue and a couple others I can't remember. I've had dash cams years before they were became a thing here. SG has by far been the best quality and best support I've experienced.

What it comes down to is having the peace of mind that your dash cam is always working and will not fail you.

Here's my install - SG is going to start selling their hardwire kit that's compatible with the the DC model in a few weeks. In the mean time I'm still using my 5+ year old hardwire kit from when I had BlackVue cameras.

I know it's not exactly what you're asking, but something to consider.