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Amazon Deal Company updates and new Tacoma all-weather floor mats


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Hello Tacoma 3G,

This is Todd, founder of Salex Organizers, manufacturer of Vehicle OCD brand organizer products. I would like to share some great news. In 2022, we became part of Baselayer. Baselayer is a growing American automotive accessory manufacture specializing in high quality floor mats. All products, both organizers and floor mats, continue to be designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA. I continue to be an active part of the Baselayer team working on new products.

We are exited to announce new products for 3rd Gen Tacoma owners. Baselayer Gen3 Toyota Tacoma floor mats. These are premium quality, all-weather mats with a refined texture that you don't see on other all-weather mats on the market. Really a nice product to protect your interior with style. The TPE (rubber like) material is no-slip, extremely durable, and flexible. The material is a huge step up from the many stiff slippery PVC floor mats on the market.

On Amazon for 25% off. Apply the limited time 25% off coupon on Amazon when ordering (check the box).
  • front mats only - with coupon $75 before tax
  • front and rear mats - with coupon $120 before tax
We have a 15% off promotion on baselayerlabs.com Use discount code TacomaOwner15

Discount applies to our Vehicle OCD center console and glove box organizers and our Baselayer Tacoma floor mats.

Free shipping on orders over $25.

Source: https://youtu.be/c1rTmiy40S4?si=NxsBmEtvhZpYYEh3
Source: https://youtu.be/cSk4I5B_oJk?si=ZWEYh-N14KDmbfmO


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