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Callisto TRD Build Thread


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Aug 10, 2018
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Oak Harbor, WA
2018 TRD OR DCLB Auto
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First off... this may take a while....

Intro to Build: I have dreamt of owning a TRD Tacoma since my early teens (now in my 30's), had a rough experience with a Yota Pick-Up, traded for a 4Runner that I wheeled the piss out of from 167,000-270,000 miles where I sold her before moving again to Japan. I finally have the means to afford my dream, and here she is: Follow along as the build takes shape and adventure commences!

So, plans... I have many, so lets list this in order:

1. Sliders (protection on trail and parking lot doors!)
2. RTT or Pop-Up
3. Belly Armor (Fuel Tank First, then front to replace stock light gear)
4. Tires/wheels (Wheels= TRD Pro, No lift for a long while as she is pretty decent as is. Just want to push some 275's with more aggressive tread once I get some wear on there babies)
5. Wheel Till Broken! (When I smash a bumper, replace with better, upgrade as required... no need in having a full steel bumper if the stoker is still pristine imo)

Goals with Truck: Literally I need a vehicle that provides good, dependable, overlanding capability. I need it, a Fiesta St was pulling the duty of getting my aggressive trail running ass to these knarly tucked away trail-heads, and I was going to kill her. This baby (My TRD) opens a whole new world of possibility. She has already been tested pretty well and pushed to get where I need to go. Plus, Paying her off asap is my #1 goal (less payments = more $$$ for truck parts!)


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Testing out the Stock build out at Samish Overlook at some of the rough bypass routes... pretty impresed with her 'no-mod' prowess!
(For reference, I was solo that day, and the photo was taken on a well groomed pull out.)


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