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Broken Arrow Trail Run - 9/1/18


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Jun 21, 2018
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Gilbert, AZ
2018 TRD OR DCSB Manual
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What: T3G trail run, potential to spin off into a group camping trip depending on interest
Where: Broken Arrow trail - Sedona, AZ
When: Saturday, September 1st '18 (time TBD)
1) @SDyota_66
2) @0uTkAsT
3) @Bird dog
4) @Strand31p

Broken Arrow is a scenic and relatively stock-friendly trail with few somewhat technical spots that make it fun for everyone. Higher clearance and better tires would be helpful in some spots but are not required. 4WD is recommend but 2WDs make the main loop all the time as long as conditions are normal. Armor is not necessary.*

*Take all of the above with a grain of salt. This is one of those areas that you can play around in to test your limits when it's not overly crowded. If you do something goofy, that's on you. I have seen a Jeep roll down Devil's Staircase on it's side... you can also roll your truck at the mall if you try hard enough.

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Any updates on the Broken Arrow run on 9-1 ?
Sounds good . We are still planning to go,