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NorCal Brand new TPAM $90


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Jun 13, 2018
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2016 TRD OR DCSB Auto

Picked this up but decided to go a different route.

$90 shipped PayPal FAF

The TPAM for the 3rd gen Tacoma.

Designed to be a lightweight and strong dash accessory mounting base for phones, gps, tablets etc.

It is a highly versatile mounting system with pre threaded (inserts) patterned after the RAM diamond mounts.

Included with the TPAM is a standard low amperage dual USB Charger : this usb Charger is capable of charging phones and tablets at a nominal rate.

The TPAM mounts to the top of your radio bezel, using through bolts (requires drilling) and goes one step additional for added strength with the two supplied support brackets that tie into your upper radio mounting bolts.

TPAM is a functional design and built for the trail and beyond
Tempting, did you install it before deciding to sell? Reason for selling?

Not sure how I feel about cutting the interior
Tempting, did you install it before deciding to sell? Reason for selling?

Not sure how I feel about cutting the interior

Never installed. I saw a T4R one that is flush with the radio faceplate and it looks IMO much better that way. The Taco version sticks out by the driver’s side. They say that is because it follows the dash line behind it and that the face of the radio curves in but if I hold it flush with the radio face it looks much better. Nobody sees the angle of the dash behind it. I really like the mount but I guess I’m a tad OCD and just don’t like the way it sticks out. REALLY wish it was flush with the radio face.
No there really isn’t a way to modify it. You only have to drill some holes in your bezel. The open back issue really is a non issue, you never really see it and it not over obtrusive from the outside. I love mine and you get over the fact that it doesn’t sit flush, I can’t even see it anymore after I put my ram mount and my phone covers it up when I am in the truck. To each is own though. This is solely my opinion. GLWS
Only thing that keeps me from buying one was having the back of it exposed
I love mine but two people have commeneted on ugly look of it theough windshield. And there not even into trucks.

But someone should get this.
Is there any way to modify it to get rid of the angle?

It might be possible but it would take a fair amount of effort that would include some grinding away on the backside on drivers side corner to fit over dash and detaching the bottom mounting plate bending it over and welding it back. And then the holes wouldn’t line up so you’d have to likely use different screws and nuts to mount it.

I wish it had been flush because I was really excited about getting it when I purchased it. Here is how it would look if it could be made flush...

Don’t want to bad mouth their product, it’s a great design other than I wish it was flush with the radio face.


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