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Be Gentle, it's my first Taco


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Jun 19, 2018
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2018 TRD OR DCSB Auto
Hey guys! I've long loved Toyota's in general (I'm lucky enough to have had the keys to a Hilux for a few months overseas) but I paid off my F-150 once i separated from the military 6 years ago so I've been enjoying the lack of a car payment. But living in Colorado Springs means a hail storm totaling my vehicle was only a matter of time. Finally happened. 2018 Taco here i come. I've gathered i need to immediately get the orange virus tuner. Glad this community seems pretty non-toxic because I'm no gear head and I'm gonna have some questions lol If any of you are from around here, lets meet up!
No worries I’m in the same boat as you not a gear head with a new 2018 taco

Always good to hear! I hope this truck and community learn me a thing or two because i can basically change oil/tire and put in an air intake lol never really tried to do much more than that.

I dont have any big plans for rock crawling/submerging my vehicle. But i will end up on some back roads or small trails etc. I will eventually do either a leveling kit or a slightly bigger lift than that, i dont need a 6" lift or anything.

In case anyone looks, here's my thought process on upgrades/changes if anyone can drop a few ideas

i'm not worried about cosmetic stuff right away but more so changes to maintain or improve upon the problem areas.

OV Tune is a done deal due to the shifting issues i see/hear from you all
I've seen posts about some sort of oil drip collector (quite sure i butchered that)
All weather floor mats
im big on audio but i understand the new ones come with JBL speakers so it shouldnt be a pressing need to upgrade those?

hope that makes sense? Im going to the dealership tomorrow!!