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Badfish Taco build


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May 1, 2018
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What’s up everyone. Haven’t been able to install much to my truck since I’m about to regear (f*cking expensive) and still waiting on my Kings to arrive. This is what I’ve installed so far:

-Pro grille
-Black headlight mod
-BP Fabricating recovery point
-MESO ultimate turn signals

What I have purchased but not yet installed:
-King shocks all around
-Dirt King heim upper control arms
-315 70/17 KO2s
-Method NVs (custom painted)
-Yukon 4.88 gears
-MBRP exhaust
-OME medium duty leaf springs (used)
-Rago Fabrication bed rail mounting brackets
-BD squadron sport fogs

Awesome! Any modifications to mount the tss sensor?
None at all. All I had to do was unmount the TSS from the OEM grille and mount it back up on the pro grille. Just make sure the grille has an insert slot before buying it. And as you can tell m grille doesn’t have that glossy window plate that everyone says you need for the TSS to work. Mine works perfectly fine without it.
wanna do mine?? how'd you do them
Lol it’s a fucking pain in the ass to do tbh. First of all, you need to set aside an entire day to do this. And you need to start early to make sure the paint dries before day’s end.
I can help you when I come back from my vacation. We just can’t bake them at my place since I almost burned my kitchen down last time I did it and my roommates weren’t too happy about that lmao
That’s what I have, with a subtle hint of dark bronze. I’ve done it twice and vowed to never do it again lol but you’re a taco bro and taco bros help each other out.
if i had an oven i would totally do it this weekend