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South Awsome 09 Tacoma prerunner lifted with all the fixins you wont find on other Tacomas.

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09 Tacoma prerunner access cab 2wd 2.7. l with only 156,000 clean miles. Have in investested over $13,000 over the past year. Sits on a 6" Rough country suspension lift with Bilstein 5100 Adjustable shocks. Replaced center carrier bearing with 2" drop to angle driveshaft correctly. Replaced U joints Oxegon sensor and air/fuel sensor. New cataylitic converters with Magnaflow muffler. New Tinken wheel bearings and Detroit axle tied rods. Under the hood sits a Spectre cold air intake system with Sprint booster V3 throttle enhancer ( as you know toyota lags in responce) this has10 settings that give it pedal power. Stage 1 performance chip. A power distribution center for all electrical hookups so you don't run it all to a battery post. A $1500 stereo system that includes a Boss 9700 stereo w/ 7" screen, Pioneer S10 tweeters, Infinity 3 way speakers in doors, 6.5" Rockford Fosgate 2 ways in access doors. All powered by a 1000 Pioneer 4 channel amp and a Rockville 8" powered subwoofer. No rattling in doors from high volume cause I have Dynamat sound deadening material in all doors and heat resistant material under hood. N fab rocksliders with new front bumper and EAG grill. New Projector headlights, fog lights and Hella driving lights behind grill. New Colorcraft custom seat covers with graphite lining on dash. Graphite hood struts ( no more using stock rod to prop up hood) New front disk brakes and rear shoes. This truck was done right. Has no shaking in steering wheel and drives true. Even with the lift, 35" tires and stock rearend it still gets 16 mpg. Too much to list.
Have maintenence list from everything I have done since day one. One owner and no accidents. Paint is perfect with no dents, dings or fading. You won't find another Tacoma as nice and well maintained and babyed as this one. Price is $31,000 for serious inquires only.


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