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SoCal Any of you kooks looking for a camera? Nikon D810 W/ primes

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Thinking of migrating to a smaller carry camera over the big full frame.

I'll double check but i'm guessing theres around 5K shutter clicks. I Bought new from Nikon direct. Used for a little less than a year.

Comes with
Nikon D810 body
Nikkor 28mm 1.8
Nikkor 50mm 1.8
Nikkor 85mm 1.8
Nikon Vertical grip / battery pack
2X 64gb memory cards.
graduated ND filter set
polarizing filter
Vello wireless remote
4 Nikon batteries
Arsenal wireless camera control system

Camera - B04.JPG
Camera - B05.JPG
Camera - B06.JPG
Camera - B07.JPG
Camera - B08.JPG
Camera - B01.JPG
Camera - B02.JPG
Camera - B03.JPG
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