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4 runner Trd off road badge on a Tacoma


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Just looking for some feed back and opinions before i pull the trigger on an idea. I recently pulled off the factory TRD tailgate stickers that say TRD 4x4 Offroad. I swapped them for some custom TRD decals that go with the color scheme i have with the red and black. since these new stickers don’t have the off road label on them i was thinking of buying the TRD offroad badge that comes on the 4runners and putting those some where on each side but i’m having a hard time deciding where it would look the best. or even if there is a spot where they would look good. i’ve thought maybe in the spot above the back seat door handles. I can’t tell if that would look to cluttered over doing it and if i should just leave it be. I tried finding a tacoma that someone has put that off road badge on their but i wasn’t able to come up with anything. if anyone’s seen someone do this before or has an opinion on the matter id appreciate the input.