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Shipping 3rd Gen Tacoma Enamel Pins?


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Hello fellow Tacoma3g members,

I have a random idea. As some of you may of have seen, Leen Customs is making a new enamel pin using our Tacoma as part of his automotive pin collection. They have made enamel pins for Toyo Tires, Subifest, Pizza Planet Truck, Torque Drift, Pro Eagle, Larry Chen from Hoonigan and even some familiar accounts you have see online, perfect example is the_Pandra! Leen Customs' collection has over 100 different vehicles, however it's in limited qualities and colors.


So here is my random idea... Leen Customs has a Tacoma mold already made, I should be seeing my batch come in end of this month, but if we can get people to commit to a certain color, preorder it if you will (I am going to have to figure that out), but if there is enough people interested, then we can have our own personal "Tacoma3g Tacoma" collection.

I would need help from you guys to make a custom Tacoma3g backing card for the pin to attach to. But that's pretty much it.

Let me know what you think? Here is a sample.


The price would be $13 to $15 + shipping per piece. We need a minimum of 100 to make an order. For us to get a certain color made, then we need at least 50. Please comment below if you want to be added to a list.

~ Bernie


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Mr. Nobody

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And yeah I would be in. $15 ain't nothing.