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2023 v6 4 door sport with bumper and winch.


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Feb 27, 2023
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I have a 2023 Crew cab short bed 4x4 Sport with the 3.5 and 6spd MT. I am kicking around the idea of putting a aftermarket bumper and winch on the thing. I have two dually Fords, a F350 and F450 both with winch bumpers and winches. They have saved my hide...
Question, how much weight will the 3rd gen Tacoma front end safety hold up? I don't want to be replacing ball joints or hubs (bearings) every 50k-75k miles. Most setups I see are 150-200lbs total.
I don't have an exact weight, but the factory setup should be able to handle that well without the frequent replacement you think.

I don't know if the added weight places any additional stress on the needle bearing bushing on the driver side, but that's what I would start with for peace of mind.
Also a winch and bumper will probably be 200lbs. 300lbs tops. Consider it will lower the front end a bit.

Depending on what you want to do you could get away with just grabbing some 5100's and raise the front a little. Add a 1/4" spacer to the driver side to even it out. Just don't forget after they settle springs can sag and lose another .5" depending on manufacturer and spring rate.

They say the factory OR spring rate is 700-710lbs. So it would come down to how much ride quality you can tolerate and if you care how level the vehicle is.