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2020 Tacoma TRD Pro


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Guys and Gals,

I need help. I bought a 2020 TRD Pro in Nov 2022 while deployed to California. I feel in love with it and bought it and sent it home to Indiana. Once I got it home, everything was fine and dandy until recently. When I started to realize that there was cut and splice, some that went to nothing and other that were connect to other parts. I eventually got to taking some of those loose wires.

1. Now my reverse lights are out.
2. The Raptor lights no longer work.
3. Now my license plate lights are out.

Don’t know where to start but I need help. Might just trade it in before it becomes a bigger issue.


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I don't know how anybody can really help with this until we at least see some pictures of what was removed, what wires were cut into, etc....

Highly dout this is worth trading in over.


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Agree. Minor problems, definitely not worth dumping and moving on, specially with a vehicle you enjoy and that will most likely have a great track record of reliability.

You don't seem to be the type (just like me!) who wants to spend a lot of time troubleshooting electronics.

If I were you, I'd run it over to your local shop and pay someone $200 to look it over and rewire whatever needs to be done.


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My 2020 DCLB is great. No problems to date with 38K miles except for shifting BS which is well documented by all that own them. Will be getting an OTT tune in a few weeks, and hopefully that it will make the truck run even better.

I do have a cap, and full Sherpa rack on top of cab and cap, along with TRD skid plate armor, and Cali Raised light bar installed in grill along with Diode Dynamic fog lights mounted where driving lights had been. I hope you get your isues addressed, and fixed. Everything on the truck is modular, meaning everything can be taken out when not camping or out on a trip (Iceco refrigerator, water storage, sleeping items, tent, recovery gear, VIAIR 300 air pump, various tools, and minor replacement parts, Bluetti Solar lithium battery with portable folding solar panels, Tire Table, small folding table, 2 camping totes filled with camping hardware, and all kitchen supplies like stove and kitchen gadgets, Moon Awning, and the list goes on. The truck rides on 265/75-16 Falken Wild Peaks (no lift kit), and averages around town about 18 MPG. On Hwy, I can get as much as 19 - 20 MPG. I use the rack on top of the cap for my 2 Harbor Freight rifle cases (removable as well when not n a trip) to store my recovery gear, and also removable traction boards. A future solar panel might be in the works for the front part of the rack over the cab, but that will another project down the line. Looking to do a back seat delete with Goose Gear hardware as my wife and I do not have any other passengers except for our dog that travels with us. It would make easeir for him to get in and out fo teh back seating area, and also provide and grea tie down point to keep the Iceco refrig inside the truck instead of the bed area. No plans for a RTT, and never will have one: Wife nixed the idea a long time ago! If anything, when she gets tired of the "glamping Gazelle tent" set-up, we will look for a pull behind option (teardrop, Patriot trailer, etc.).

The truck is a keeper for me with more customizing and performance upgrades for future Overlanding (as I hope it will be for you as well).