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2018 trd north of the boarder build


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Brampton ontario
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2018 Cement Off-Road Double Cab, Short Bed Automatic
Well here is my short brief build thread.

2018 trd off road

After owning my 2015 access cab SR5 for 3 years I decided it was time to spoil my self on something I really wanted.
After a lot of YouTube, Tacoma world and Tacoma enthusiasts page I jumped into the 3rd Gen world. With no regrets here it is.
Minor upgrades like 5100’s with my stock trd coils, tint and rear blocks for now. I like to make it my own. Yes, it would be nice to do the build right the first time, however being north of the boarder duties and shipping hurts!!!
Future plans of 285/75/16, or 255/85/16 when I do some tournament fishing in New York and other close states in June. Plan on getting a front bumper and skid plate, and upgrading to real suspension and all the other goodies real

Thanks again guys for the great threads and support, And happy 1 month 3G!!!
Pictures of day 1 at the dealer and my latest pic on the farm. Hope to see someone create a logo for stickers I wouldn’t mind paying to bring them up here!!!

Ontario, Canada