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Review ARE Truck Topper/hard shell/campershell/truck cap


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Sep 10, 2021
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2017 TRD OR AC Auto
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Apr 17, 2023
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7/13 Update below
I recently purchased the A.R.E. CX Classic truck 'cap' for my 2017 TRD OR. I got 'windoors' on both sides (one with a slider and one without) and the front folding/removable window. Very disappointed in the product. It leaks so much that I can't build out a permanent camper bed like I had planned. Water leaks from all the rails , and the window weepers (soaked the carpet and all my gear).
I spent extra to get the Linex coating (OTR version). I really like the look (first pic), but the topper doesn't quite fit my rig. It appears the topper shifted about 1 1/2 inches back and in the process stripped the paint right off my truck bed. I tried re-adjusting it myself, but it still isn't quite right. Now the tailgate scrapes the side of the topper. Also, no quick disconnect for the lights, so I have to remove the hardwire if I ever want to remove the truck cap. WTH! I should have paid a little more and purchased the RSI Smartcap, even though it was smaller (had less head room).

7/13 Update: To be clear this isn't a negative review about the vendor, but more a potential issue with the product, and specifically related to Tacoma's. Since this is a Tacoma forum I wanted to provide this information so that all Taco owners can make an informed decision. The vendor immediately called me and told me to bring in my truck. The vendor confirmed the Taco's have this unique issue with the front rail because of the way they are built. Stacy and his crew went above and beyond to come up with potential solutions which included: 1) Removal of the topper, 2) heavy re-application of caulk, 3) the addition of double bulb weatherstripping, 4) the addition of a roofing flex seal type waterproofing material on the front rail under the truck cap, 5) re-installation of the truck cap, and 6) addition of a quick disconnect for the lights. It looks better, and I am hopeful this will resolve the issue. I will post an update in a few weeks, or as soon as it rains. More pics to follow showing all of the above items.


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With my former 2500HD, I had a Leer topper that moved around and took off paint on the rear bed corners. I had those mounting clamps so tight they were bending.