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  1. project_greymatter

    PNW spotted thread.

    Spotted at Lowe's in Roseburg Oregon during the big snow storm in February.
  2. project_greymatter


    Its not that bad.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  3. project_greymatter

    New here

    Yep plastidipped. They have so much. I didnt get the metalizer with these. but its amazing what they have to offer. Yes I am in Roseburg Oregon
  4. project_greymatter

    New here

    I guess I'll just update this thread with the things I've been doing with the truck, hasn't been much tho. Dipped the wheels in Bronze, and added a pro grille from Toyotaproshop with Raptor lights. Next on the list is either a lift, or 255/85/16s can't decide tho.
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  8. project_greymatter

    South Sold Eibach Pro Truck lift system 2016+

    Im sure it was, I just didn't see it lol. Already spent my truck money lol
  9. project_greymatter


    Roseburg Oregon checkin in.
  10. project_greymatter

    South Sold Eibach Pro Truck lift system 2016+

    I wish this would have been around a week ago.:rolleyes:
  11. project_greymatter

    I got 800 bucks

    Whats the best bang for my buck for a lift under 1000. I was thinking the Eibach Pro Truck kit or Bilstein 5100 kit
  12. project_greymatter

    What's Your Back Window Sticker Setup?

    Keeping it simple. tool box now covers up the bottom portion of a sticker i worked so hard to make, and install lol
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  14. project_greymatter

    What have you done to, or with, your Tacoma today?

    I washed it, ordered bed rail mounts and quick fists so i can finally mount my ax and shovel and get those out of my tool box. looks good all cleaned up.
  15. project_greymatter

    Archived T3G GIVEAWAY: Win Rago Fabrication items on the road to 20,000 Tacoma3G.com forum posts!

    Not sure about the bed stiffeners, but I could use some ditch light brackets.
  16. project_greymatter

    New here

    Yeah they are awesome. I'll be getting some as soon as funds allow. Gotta be an adult and pay shit off and try and buy a house at the end of the year. Tired of getting shafted from taxes at the end of the years so Im gunna buy a tax break lol
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  21. project_greymatter

    New here

    VR602available in Highland Bronze as shown, Tungsten Graphite, and Coal black VR501thse are the 5 lug version of the 602 come in the same colors as above, available in 17 and 20. My personal favorite is the VR601 in Mystic black, bronze and graphite. 20 in Flow Forged.These are only available...
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  23. Jeep_Wrangler_-_17_VR-501_Mystic_Black_2048x_a9424054-de60-4942-997f-0f66206e64a5_800x.jpg


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  25. project_greymatter

    New here

    Yes, wheel company. Ill post some pictures here soon. Either one of two directions. Keep it stock and add 255/85/16s, which is a tall and skinny 33 that'll fit on stock suspension. Or, Bilstein 5100s, with OME 888. Dakar Leaf packs, VenomRex VR602s Wrapped in some STT Pros 285/70/17s Gunna...
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  28. project_greymatter

    New here

    Hey fellas, I'm Jeremy I have a 2018 TRDOR Cement. Bone stock. Brand ambassador for Venom Rex. I'll post some more pictures later.