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  1. warriorsharp

    2018 TRD Off road +Story

    Yeah, Been watching him for a while. Love all the videos and supporting him through patreon after all his things got stolen. Will watch this video. Got them for that reason all the extra holes to tie down and I think they have for antenna. Thanks for the reply.
  2. warriorsharp

    2018 TRD Off road +Story

    Next plans are the Bed stiffeners I got from cali raised they get here friday. Then either going to get a bed rack, do an inch or so lift, BFGoodrich KO2 tires, front bumper with winch. Then making some trips. I want to go to my first overland expo in Asheville, NC but lets see how that goes. I...
  3. warriorsharp

    2018 TRD Off road +Story

    Yes, The white and black looks great and the wife loves it. More than Happy with it.
  4. warriorsharp

    2018 TRD Off road +Story

    I am a 1st time Tacoma owner and love it. Already added a cover in the back and just ordered the cali raised bed stiffeners. Slowly but surely going to be doing more mods. Back story I bought the truck brand new from dealer. It was making a wong wong wong sound when ever i would break or slow or...
  5. warriorsharp

    Roll call

    South East Coast here. Just got my 2018 Tacoma TRD off road two weeks ago. Planing some trips to North Carolina.