Donations is operated by one person: @Tyler. My mission is to provide a friendly and resourceful website for Tacoma enthusiasts, free to use for everyone. I created T3G in May 2018. Ever since, I have personally funded the site and a handful of giveaways with assistance from sticker sales and vendors sponsorships.

I'm thankful to all vendors that help with giveaways, and to all members that have purchased a sticker. However, I still spend quite a bit out of pocket for T3G, and maintaining and improving our community has become nearly a full-time job!

Over the years, I've been asked many times if members can make larger or recurring donations. I've always been hesitant to accept that type of contribution because I didn't create our community for profit. But — despite being initially uncomfortable with it — I'm ready to accept larger donations and/or recurring subscriptions for the purpose of assisting myself in maintaining and bettering our community.

I want to be clear that I will always continue to pay for T3G myself, because I chose this way when I created it. So T3G isn't going anywhere. And I want to be extra clear that the website and forums will always be free for anyone to read and use. There will be no paywalls or expectations for members and guests to donate. is a free resource community made by me, for you. Donations are not expected, nor are they required to view the information on the website or post in the forums. With that being said, donating will unlock some fun perks for your account and forum posts...

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By making a single or recurring donation, you are directly supporting our community. I put all funds back into the site via monthly server costs, giveaways, and new website features, for example.